A workforce moving forward

Imagine a workforce full of top talents that is also cost-efficient - that’s what CoSource can provide!

Reduced profit margins and tight budgets are two things that most companies struggle with. CoSource can give you the ideal workforce you’ve always dreamed of: high quality resources at a lower cost. We can build a team that helps you accomplish your business goals quickly while limiting costs which will allow you to get ahead of your competitors.


  • Owner & CEO, JH Askins, San Francisco, California

    When I didn't have a VA, I was running my business on my own. I was literally doing everything. The daily tasks were starting to build up and I fell behind on a few projects. Then I found CoSource. CoSource VAs are very professional and well-trained. The VA I have helps me with invoicing, admins tasks, flight and hotel bookings, and scheduling appointments on my calendar. Jeff connected me with a highly skilled virtual assistant specific to my needs, whom I would have never found by myself. Thanks to your VA, all of my business goals have been met. I highly recommend CoSource.
  • Owner & CEO, iUnlimited, California

    I have been working with CoSource for a few months now and I am very pleased with their service. Their team is reliable and very effective. I got matched with an awesome VA who is helping with our expense approval. Before her arrival, there were over 800 expenses per day that needed to be approved by only one person. We fell behind most of the times due to the amount of workload, so invoicing also fell behind. Nikka (my CoSource VA) has helped lighten the load and now expense approval is on track, and invoicing is on time and up to date. I'm glad I chose CoSource, I couldn't be happier with the results.