Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Small Business
Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Small Business
July 10, 2018
Why You Need a Bookkeeper to Manage Your Remote Team Payroll
Why You Need a Bookkeeper to Manage Your Remote Team Payroll
July 25, 2018

Tips for Improving Your Remote Staff’s Productivity

Hiring a virtual workforce is increasingly becoming a trend on the market. Nowadays, small business owners look for talent across the globe in order to diversify their business, reduce office-related expenses and boost employee productivity.

But to get the most out of your virtual employees, there are some guidelines you have to keep in mind. We share some tips to improve your remote staff productivity.

3 Ways to Improve Your Remote Staff Productivity

Communicate Properly

Communication takes extra effort in a remote environment. That’s why having a digital platform for communicating with your team is crucial. Slack, for example, is an excellent collaboration and communication hub that connects your organization. Whether you run a large enterprise or a small business, getting a tool that keeps everyone in your team in one place is necessary to boost your employee’s productivity.improve your remote staff productivity

Besides choosing an online workplace, make sure to communicate properly and regularly with your workers. Give clear instructions for new projects, respond to their questions quickly, and be as helpful as possible.

Make your team feel supported and valued by checking in with them. Ask if there is anything you can help them with. Not only will they appreciate your interest, they will also be motivated to put in a lot more effort to complete their tasks effectively and efficiently.

Set Clear Expectations

You might worry that with less supervision your work-from-home employees will not work hard. That is not actually the case. There are different reasons why productivity issues arise. One of them is the lack of a big-picture view.

To improve your remote staff productivity, define what success is for a certain project. Let your employees know how their work can contribute to the success of the project and to the overall business. And don’t forget to explain how unmet goals could affect the business.

During the planning stage of a project, set firm goals and determine the expected results. Creating a timeline for specific milestones and monitoring progress is also a good way to ensure that everyone’s moving toward the set goals in a timely manner. More importantly, make sure you and your people share the same vision.

Foster a Bond

People need interaction to stay engaged. Although home-based workers have more freedom and flexibility compared to their office-based counterparts, they are more likely to experience disengagement and discontent.

Building a meaningful relationship with them in a professional fashion ensures that they don’t feel out of place. Instead of feeling as if they are working separately, they will feel they are an important part of your organization. This state of mind can make a lot of difference in their execution quality.Remote Team Building

That said, create opportunities where your team can communicate formally or casually. Numerous apps can help you with that. Skype, for one, makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your members. When you need to gather your team for a huddle, Google Hangouts can come in handy. At the beginning of calls, try to have some personal chit-chat. Ask about their interests or hobbies.

From employing collaboration software to keeping proper track of work done and building a good a relationship, there are more initiatives to help you improve your remote staff productivity. If you are one of the many who is still in the process of finding the right individual for your team, get in touch. We can find lower cost talents with the experience and skills you need to grow your business.

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